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$25 to spend at one of Raleigh's badass spots
Spend $9.99/month, get $25/month? What's the catch? No catch. Premium members wake up every month to a $25 Handpicked Offer from one of Raleigh's coolest spots. You're not dreaming – you're Premium.
Behind the scenes access
Access to monthly preview parties at Raleigh’s newest spots before they’re open to the public. Important: These events are often limited in size and may include an additional ticket cost.
Blowout premium parties
Every three months, we throw a crazy event big enough for every member to attend. Need proof? Check out The Dillon and Morgan Street Food Hall.
Even More Surprise Perks
Yep, there’s more! Every month enjoy bonus perks from a variety of partners. Maybe you’ll get $15 off a Skillpop class, or how about a free ride on the Trolly Pub? We already told you: you’re not dreaming—you’re Premium!
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1.) Do I have to have the Offline app to use Premium? Nope. All we need is an email address and a phone number!

2.) How does the payment work?  You’re paying for the current month so you’ll be able to take advantage of all of the current perks. On the first of each month, you’ll be billed for that month’s service unless you cancel.

3.) How do I cancel? You can cancel any time by emailing

4.) What if I want to do this with a friend/date/significant other/etc? Your best bet is to get them to join too. There will be opportunities for “+1” invites to events that have enough space, but if you want to guarantee that you can go together, it’s best for each of you to buy a membership!

5.) If I’m already a Premium member in Raleigh or Durham, how can I get Triangle-wide Premium? For now, you have to sign up for both. Click here to buy Raleigh Premium, and here to buy Durham Premium. For now, there is no discount or extra incentive for having both Raleigh & Durham memberships, since they’re both kickass individually.