We build custom campaigns

for high-growth brands to

engage millennial women
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Who We Are

Offline Creative Studios is brought you by the team of creatives behind Offline. Based in Raleigh, we’ve spent years becoming experts at content that wins the hearts and minds of millennial women—whether that’s through words, visuals or videos.

Now, we’re partnering with select brands to build custom content and tell stories that drive action.

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Select Brand Partners
What We Do
It's tough to reach millennials with an authentic message when they're actually listening. Here's how we help:

1st Brand Discovery

We want to know your brand story. Why do you exist? What are your goals? What makes you unique?

2nd Collaborative Content Creation

This is where the magic happens. We can handle the entire creative process ourselves or work hand-in-hand with your in-house team – we’re happy either way.

3rd Collaborative Publishing

We’ll publish your campaign through Offline’s channels as well as deliver assets for you for use in your own brand channels.

How We Work
Campaigns to satisfy a variety of brand goals.

This quarter, you need to 10x your followers. Next quarter, you need a brand-building video. We have a variety of tools in the toolbox to grow with you as your needs evolve.

Big Social Impact
We create thumb-stopping videos.
Drive Action
our viewers don't just watch, they take action.
Start Conversations
Comments drive virality & impact.
Custom Videos that move audiences.

Brands who want to succeed on social have to start with video. Here’s how we can help:

  • Built-for-social videos that maximize sharing and engagement.
  • We handle everything, from production to editing and distribution.
  • Offline’s engaged audience allows us to guarantee a minimum number of views on your video.
Your Brand Stands Out
Clean, beautiful callouts for your logo and messaging
Great Copy, Sharpened by Data
We use audience data to continually create more engaging content.
Custom Articles that unpack your brand.

Modern campaigns have to be mult-channel and multi-media, so we create article-style content that compliements video campaigns.

Our editors have produced thousands of pieces of content designed to engage millennial women. They will work with your brand to build a custom article that tells the story of your venue, festival or event.

Want More?

For anchor brand partners, Offline Creative Studio will build and execute detailed campaigns over a 12-month timeline. We’ve built and launched neighborhood guides, day trip series and we’ve even thrown events for brand partners. If your needs are a little outside the box, don’t worry—we like to be creative.

Offline Core Audience [37,000/month]
One of the most influential demographic segments, engaging through our app and newsletters
66% 25 - 34 years old
80% female
75% make $75k or more
Offline Brand Reach [800,000/month]
Our growing, engaged social and web audiences
68% 18 - 34 years old
63% female
Audience Extension
Target custom audiences with ads placed through Offline's accounts. Think of this as influencer marketing on steroids.
Who Sees What
Reach and Impact

Unlike working with an agency, Offline Creative Studio brings a large, engaged and growing audience to the table that’s hungry for memorable content from Offline and our brand partners.

“Of all the brand marketing we’ve done for Cyclebar, our campaign with Offline was most effective in capturing the essence of what made Cyclebar a unique experience.”

- Doug W, MDO Holdings

“We added over 7,000 people to our email list in 60 days on top of great brand exposure. Offline was super fun to work with and took care of everything.”

- Hannah G, North Hills

“When Offline promises to deliver–they deliver. We gained 50,000+ views on the campaign video, resulting in record breaking sales for The Haymaker during the month of December.”

- Maressa G, Eschelon Experiences

“Offline helped us launch with a bang. We were 90% booked for the first 3 months and our #1 referral source was Offline.”

- Alicia H, Augmentality Labs
We’re working with a limited number of high-growth brands in 2018. Sound like you? Drop Offline a line.

Offline Creative Studios
310 South Harrington Street
Raleigh, NC 27603