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your revenue growth.

OCA is the agency born out of Offline Media. Our mission is to inspire people to get out and live in the world around them.

When we connect our client’s business goals with our mission we help people try new things, meet new people, build new relationships, and strengthen their communities. We believe brands need to be a vital part of this living, breathing community.

Real Quick. Why OCA?

We’re experts in the needs of active millennials and we help brands navigate those needs with more nuance and sophistication than ever before.

We only work with a select number of brands, offering focused attention.

We have 24/7 access to over 40,000 affluent millennials for real-time information

We’re honored to partner together with brands in building a better world.

want brands to entertain them, with 69% craving experiences
of all discretionary spending (One Trillion dollars) and influencing the majority of purchases by other generations.
are creating their own content (video, photos, posts) about their experiences with brands - good or bad - without any other reason than to be influencing their circle.
How do you get on their radar? How do you influence their calendar? Their behavior? Their circle of influence?
We're our own lab.

an agency that’s built a media product for over one million loyal millennials

Totally dedicated to our expertise in the millennial market:
  • Milennial Insights & Research
  • Brand Activation
  • Social Media Stategy & Execution
  • Branding
  • Content Production
  • Web Design & Dev
  • Events
  • Creative Campaigns
  • Email Marketing

“Of all the brand marketing we’ve done for Cyclebar, our campaign with Offline was most effective in capturing the essence of what made Cyclebar a unique experience.”

- Doug W, MDO Holdings

“We added over 7,000 people to our email list in 60 days on top of great brand exposure. Offline was super fun to work with and took care of everything.”

- Hannah G, North Hills

“When Offline promises to deliver–they deliver. We gained 50,000+ views on the campaign video, resulting in record breaking sales for The Haymaker during the month of December.”

- Maressa G, Eschelon Experiences

“Offline helped us launch with a bang. We were 90% booked for the first 3 months and our #1 referral source was Offline.”

- Alicia H, Augmentality Labs
Who We Are

Offline Creative Studios is brought you by the team of creatives behind Offline. Based in Raleigh, we’ve spent years becoming experts at content that wins the hearts and minds of millennials—whether that’s through words, visuals or videos.

Now, we’re partnering with select brands to build custom content and tell stories that drive action.

Portrait by Amaree Davis
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