Offline gives people instant access to the best events and experiences in their city, curated daily. Our goal isn’t to feature everything happening in a city, it’s to feature everything awesome happening in a city. That means we celebrate the businesses, places and events that make cities truly special.

Offline Content 101

We have one goal in mind when we’re thinking about content for Offline: to make you fall in love with your city. We’re obsessed with showing you the unique places and events that shape the culture of your city—the hidden gems, the local businesses, the outdoor adventures, the best events. If we don’t think the content drives this mission, we don’t feature it.

What you’ll find on Offline:

Places that define a city—museums, parks, breweries, coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, etc.

Exciting events ranging from weekly run clubs to pop-up markets to music festivals.

What you won’t find on Offline:

We’re focused on showcasing unique experiences that are open to all, so we steer clear of:

If you have questions or comments about what we’re not down to feature, drop us a line at

Where does your content come from?

We can’t disclose all of our secrets, but we can tell you we have a savvy content crew! With a little help from our own super secret technology, plus tips from local businesses and community members, we carefully choose, write and share all of the amazing experiences you see on Offline.

Is your content paid for?

Nope. If it’s on Offline, it’s because it was hand picked.

We are beginning to explore advertising partnerships—that content is paid for. Gotta pay the bills! Our promise to you: we will never allow someone to “buy their way” on Offline and we will always clearly mark partner content. If you want to read more about our thoughts on Offline and advertising, do it here.

Can I suggest a place or event?

Yes, we love tips! We don’t guarantee your suggestion will be featured, but we’ll let you know if it’s accepted or rejected.

If you’re a business owner, we’d love to hear from you! Whether you’d like your business featured for the first time, you’d like to update us with new information or you’d like to fill us in about an upcoming event, you submit that info here.

Or, take the Fast Lane to get featured!

We’re on Instagram and Twitter, you’re on Instagram and Twitter, so let’s talk there! If you’re making an event announcement through your social media channels, tag us and we’ll use that as your tip. Yep, it’s that easy.

North Carolina: @OfflineMedia (both Twitter and Instagram)
Nashville: @OfflineNashTN (both Twitter and Instagram)

What happens to my tip once it’s submitted?

We’ll review it and either accept it (yay) or reject it (womp). You’ll be notified either way and we’ll try to provide some feedback if your tip was rejected.

Why was my tip rejected?

The most common reasons include:

Remember, we’re human, so mistakes are made! It also means we’re available to answer questions! Hit us up at if you have questions about rejected tips.

Why did we edit your submission?

It’s nothing personal, but Offline’s experience posts abide by a style standard that incorporates a specific lingo that is playful, informative and resonates with our users. If you’re a business, we will include all the info you provide in the post, but the delivery might be modified to fit said standard. If your company has its own style guide, we’ll do our best to incorporate both our styles. If you feel we’ve misrepresented your event or experience please reach out to and we’ll fix it ASAP.

If you’re a user, don’t sweat the details! Just submit what you know about an event or what you love about a place and we’ll do the rest!