Our Mission

Offline inspires you to “avoid average weekends,” which means it gives you the tools and the motivation to fall in love with where you live and to fall in love with life. It’s a challenge to not be complacent—to be a doer and not a dreamer. Spend time with the people you care about. Explore. Appreciate the uniqueness of the community and people around you. It’s not so much a product as it is a philosophy — a way of being that we truly believe in.

How You’d Kick Ass

Hiring. You’ll own the hiring plan and budget for sales, hire the best people and train them to kick ass.

Selling. You’ll own our overall revenue number and will be responsible for driving our top-line.

Product. Our SMB products are still malleable and will grow and change significantly in the next 18 months. You’ll lead the interface between product and sales to drive innovation that positively impacts our customers and drives additional revenue and profitability.

If We Stalked You…

1.) We’d find killer experience in sales and startups, preferably in SMB as a founder or head of sales.

2.) We’d find evidence of previous sales goals you’ve met and exceeded, and we’d find references who can vouch for your success and hustle.

3.) We may find an Instagram/Facebook/Twitter account with choice shots of you exploring the city like any good Offline member would.


Mission Motivated. When’s the last time you did something in the physical world that is or could be listed on Offline? Took a vacation? Spent 1-1 time with people you care about? Would you use Offline regardless of whether you worked here?

Proactive. We like to say, “be a doer, not a dreamer.” On a daily basis, how much mental energy do you spend worrying or complaining instead of solving problems and taking responsibility? Do you take action or do you stall?

Fearless. We’re talking about diving into a problem head first, no matter how little you know, not diving with sharks.

A Continuous Learner. Are you always hungry for more? When’s the last time you read or watched something that made you smarter? Had a meaningful conversation?


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