Our Mission

Offline inspires you to “avoid average weekends,” which means it gives you the tools and the motivation to fall in love with where you live and to fall in love with life. It’s a challenge to not be complacent—to be a doer and not a dreamer. Spend time with the people you care about. Explore. Appreciate the uniqueness of the community and people around you. It’s not so much a product as it is a philosophy — a way of being that we truly believe in.

How You’d Kick Ass

Contributing fun, informative, inspiring stories that celebrate your city on a semi-regular basis. Examples include: Brews with Views, Valentine’s Picks, Free Summer Fun.

You already have proven writing skills, are social media savvy, have a strong visual and aesthetic sense and are a vibrant member of your city’s community. Photography is not required, but a huge plus! If your photos are always on point (Instagram, DSLR, etc.), we’d love your permission to include them in our content lists.

If We Stalked You…

On LinkedIn. We’d find previous freelance writing experience, columns or Op-Eds, a highly trafficked blog (if you’ve monetized your blog, we mean you), a career in writing, journalism, copywriting or other creative or related areas.

On Twitter. We’d find tweets about local happenings, openings, events, sneak peeks, news, engagement with other local community influencers, business owners and other citizens who live by celebrating their city. Bonus: musings on your specific, locally-focused passions and interests. Ex. local craft beer connoisseur, vegan foodie, outdoor adventurer, budget-friendly fun finder, art enthusiast.

On Instagram. We’d definitely find amazing shots of your adventures and explorations and get a peek at your locally-focused passions. Maybe your followers look to you for local news updates so your feed is sprinkled with restaurant openings, sneak peek previews, current events and hyper-local news.


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