Hi! We’re Offline, a small, but kickass team of enthusiastic thinkers—engineers, designers, writers, marketing whizzes and everything in between—and we’re on a mission to reinvent the way we discover the world around us.

Everyone should be in love with their city, so we’ve made it our business to make that happen. Whether it’s for the first time (just unpacked your moving boxes?), or you’re looking to rekindle the spark (that’s you downtown vets!), we’ve got what it takes for you to get the most and the very best out of all of your adventures.
The How

We handpick hundreds of amazing experiences for you to keep your free time exciting. With cheap dates, drinking holes, hiking adventures, underground concerts, cooking classes, brunch spots—there ’s never a dull moment.

We reallllly mean it when we say “handpick”—we curate all of our content in-house with the help of our handy-dandy, magical, unicorn worker-powered technology (is it obvious the engineers aren’t writing this?). We choose, write and share all the experiences that make your city truly unique. It’s like a tailored guide for the local adventurer, and we make it really easy for you to navigate all the happenings and events that we publish.

The Why

Why do we do this? On average, people spend more than half of their awake-life staring at some type of screen. Doesn’t that make your heart hurt? It makes our hearts hurt. So, we thought—why not use those screens to entice people to go out and explore? And that’s how Offline was born. Now, download the (free!) app and get up, get out, rediscover and reconnect with your community. That’s an order.

The What’s Next

We hope you like us—we’ve got our sights set high and we’re going to be the most trusted source for filling your free time. We started in our own backyard, Raleigh, North Carolina, with plans to expand pretty much everywhere—watch out world, we’re coming for you!

Alright, hope that covers it. Grab your phone, a friend, and go do something incredible!

But first… Meet the team!


David Shaner

CEO & Founder


Wolfpack grad. Reformed chemical engineer turned entrepreneur. Will never get lost in a crowd. No gluten, no problem.

Page West



Wolfpack grad. Takes dressing like a developer very seriously. Would wear blankets as clothes. Likes to hide Easter Eggs.

Kelsey Van Dyke

Head of Content


Tar Heel grad. Laughs so hard she cries daily. Wants to be a Gilmore Girl. Turquoise everything.

Avivah Furman

Digital Content Specialist


Muhlenberg grad. Occasionally impressive bowler. Tina Fey idolizer. Would (almost) always rather be with her dog.

Kelly Thomas

Content & Community Manager (Nashville)


Gator grad. Greets dogs before humans. Geeks out over weather. Carbs trump sweets.

Elisha Manassa

Digital Content Specialist


Ohio U grad. Triangle transplant from MD. Mama, mermaid lover, home cook, avid podcast listener and social media maven. Daily goal: be a mensch!

Taylor Smith

COO & Head of Product


Traveled wolfpack grad. Dev, but product is more fun. Can shred on a uke. You just got haiku’d.

Mikey Casalaina



Rutgers grad. American Amsterdammer. Beatlemaniac. Puts hot sauce on everything.

Ryan Charette



UCLA grad. Newly minted Austinite. Codes and boulders for fun. Aspiring soap maker. Dreaming of San Sebastian, Spain.

Stephanie Stone

Chief Revenue Officer


Tar Heel grad. Mom of four boys. Startup junkie. Pilates lover/hater. Happiest when cooking things besides spaghetti and tacos.

Kristen Brower



Pithy copy. Pithy copy. Pithy copy. Pithy copy.